8 indispensable drinks in a cafe

Today, cafes sprout up like mushrooms according to customer needs. The cafe is like a second home and a destination for most people on any occasion: meeting friends, meeting customers, studying, working, playing, …. To serve the needs of Diverse customers, each cafe has an average of 30-50 dishes on the menu, not simply traditional coffee as before. Here are 8 most favorite drinks you can meet at any cafe.

1. Traditional Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam’s traditional cafe is always at the top of the list of favorite and most easily encountered drinks in cafes. Traditional Vietnamese coffee with a strong flavor is the preferred choice of most male customers over 20.

Usually there are 2 ways to make coffee: using instant coffee and caffeine coffee, but coffee coffee is preferred because it keeps the rich taste of coffee.

There are many traditional types of coffee such as black coffee, silver and milk coffee, … later there are more variants to serve young people as coconut milk, egg cafe, ….

2. Imported coffee:

If Vietnamese men like traditional coffee, the young men and women both prefer foreign coffee because of the beautiful appearance, with added milk so the flavor is softer. In general, there are 3 main types of coffee: espresso, cappuchino and latte in addition to macchiato latte or matcha latte, …

Foreign coffee is usually brewed by machine, milking and drawing pictures. This type of cafe is preferred in take-away cafes (cafe take-away) but you can also enjoy at the cafe.

3. Ice blended beverage:

Ice blended drinks are another form of imported coffee, also sold at take-away bars. Ice blended drinks are ice blended with coffee, matcha or milk, mix cake with syrup and flavor, with cream on top of cocoa powder or sauce. Use at the shop, it is stored in high glass glasses and carried away in a plastic cup with a round lid so as not to damage the cream above. With such a beautiful form, ice blended drinks are very popular with many young people, including options such as Coffee, Mocha, Vanilla, Caramel, Cookies, Fruit, Frappuccino …

đồ uống đá xay

4. Juice and smoothies.

This is a drink especially loved by girls and indispensable in cafes. Some of the most popular choices are orange juice, apple juice, avocado smoothie for every season and good for health as well as skin.

There are 2 commonly used blending methods: using fresh fruit or Berrino smoothie.

5. Types of soda and mojito:

Mojito is loved by it as a combination of soda water and other flavors like milk, mint or other fruit. There are many types of mojito that are particularly popular with young people, such as blueberry mojito, blue ocean, mint, etc.In addition, this drink is especially popular in the summer because of its good refreshment.

Mojito is often combined with syrup or Berrino smoothie to bring many unique and delicious flavors.

6. Types of tea:

Tea is also on the list of things that cafes must have with juice, smoothies and coffee. Tea is loved for its easy to drink, affordable and healthy taste. Peach tea is loved by young people but also items like citronella tea, hibicus tea are good for health.

7. Types of cocktails:

Cocktail is a “luxurious” drink and quite picky because of the smell of alcohol, the price is also quite high due to imported wine. So this drink is often in the menu of bars or high-end cafes, where customers are mostly adults.

8. Other hot drinks:

Besides tea and coffee, other hot drinks such as cocoa, hot chocolate or cookies are also a choice of many people, especially in the cold season.

 Với 8 món đồ uống được yêu thích trên, các quán cafe có thể phục vụ đa dạng nhu cầu của khách hàng.

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