7 surprisingly interesting things about strawberries you probably didn’t know

Strawberries are a popular and favorite fruit in many parts of the world. Strawberry has a lot of interesting things that you may not have known, with Berrino to find out.

  1. Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds outside the skin, on average each strawberry has 200 seeds.
  2. Although it is called strawberry, it does not belong to the strawberry family but belongs to the rose family of fake fruits. Due to the inflated base of the flower, it is indeed located outside the fake fruit. In fact, the strawberry does not grow from the ovary like other fruits.

    The interesting thing is that they belong to the rose family, so the bushes often give off a sweet aroma, once passing by the bushes, do not forget to enjoy.

  1. Strawberries are not only red: There are actually many different types of strawberries, such as yellow strawberries from Europe, that taste sweet. The white strawberry, also known as Bach Tuyet strawberry, has a pineapple-like flavor of the world’s most expensive and precious type.
  2. Strawberries contain many nutritional ingredients such as vitamin C, K, B6 … fiber, and other acids. Helps limit cancer, weight loss, stress reduction, anti-aging, reduce wrinkles ….. But if you eat too much, it will cause phlegm, shortness of breath, asthma. The Romans considered this the panacea to treat fevers, weakness, …
  3. Strawberries are not grown on the ground. They are grown in pots, plastic, corrugated iron or on a high platform. The reason to keep strawberries away from the ground is to keep them away from insects and to help them avoid pests and diseases in the soil.
  4. Strawberries are loved in some parts of the world
    There is a museum in Belgium that specializes in strawberries. There, the shops sell everything related to strawberries.

    In the US town of Delaware, there is a strawberry week every year from May 21-27.

  1. The fruit symbolizes intense love.

    Bearing red and heart-shaped, strawberry symbolizes intense love. American Indians are the first to use this image, so they often use strawberries to eat with traditional cakes to express affection. Today strawberries are processed into jam by marinating sugar to make them easier to preserve and use when baking

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