Classification of materials used in preparation

At cafes, people often combine flavored ingredients to create a new beverage that can both refresh and diversify and meet the needs of customers. But there are many types of flavors that if not in your industry it is easy to confuse buying at home. Let Berrino distinguish the different types of popular brewing ingredients that cafes use.

  • Syrup :


Vietnamese people often call it syrup. Syrup is usually clearer than other ingredients. Syrup has many flavors suitable for Vietnamese tastes such as chestnut, caramel, cinnamon, irish cream, green apple, tiramisu, mint, kiwi, blueberry … and often used mostly in take-away bars or cafes to make mojito, soda, ….

  • Smoothie:

Smoothies have many different flavors, mostly fresh fruits such as blueberries, currants, black currants, mango pineapple, aloe vera & oranges … So smoothies often have fruit corpses, used for mixing mojito, cocktails, smoothies, etc. Berrino smoothies are available in most cafes and take-away bars, which are popular with young people because of their diverse flavors and tastes suitable, especially on summer days. .

Syrup and smoothie are often used to make fruit drinks, coctaik, alcohol, yogurt, ice cream, tea, coffee, .. with the formula of 1: 7 (1 part syrup, 7 parts water) for flavor drink more abundant.

  • Fat milk – Topping base – fresh milk:

These types of milk are often used to match the types of coffee to increase fat or reduce the bold taste of coffee. Depending on the type of drink, either plain or raw milk is added in different proportions. Topping base is the kind of milk used to make whipping cream topping on ice blended beverages. Whipping cream is also used in preparation and baking.

  • Sauce: Finally the sauce (sauce). Sauce is dense and viscous. The most common types of chocolate sauce – white chocolate sauce – caramel sauce used to decorate and make the dish more attractive. Often used in chocolate, caramel sauce will be more delicious and attractive than syrup because not only the flavor but also the taste. Sauce is often used with ice blended drinks or decorated with cream and cakes.

That is the difference of the preparation materials. If you want to make your own smoothies, drinks or make your own at home, consider carefully which one is right for your dish to be delicious. Good luck!

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