Differences between the types of jam you already know?

Jam is a sweet food, usually made from very rich fruits or tubers, and each type of jam has a different flavor depending on the processing material. In Vietnam, there are dry jams like Tet jam but in the West, people often use sticky jam to eat with bread or as a filling.

There are many types of jam used for different purposes but in Vietnam we often call them jam, so it is often the case that we buy the wrong types of jam as desired. In fact, there are words on each jam box to classify such as jam, jelly, preserves, marmalade or fruit spread, … Which one to choose depends on the dish to have the right choice.


Jam is the most commonly used jam. The ingredient that makes jam is a fruit pureed into a powder or finely ground cooked with sugar and pectin to soften and paste. People often use fruits with a thickness of flesh and succulent such as strawberries, grapes, cherries, blueberries, raspberry to cook jam so jam often has the thickness of meat of fresh fruits.


Jelly is a jam whose main component is fruit juice instead of fresh fruit like jam, then adds sugar and pectin, … to make jam. As a result, jelly is usually clearer and smoother than jam and can be used with herbs, tea, etc., even wine to make jelly jam instead of fruit.

Jelly on a plate, 3D rendering isolated on white background


Preserves are jams whose fruit flesh is cut into small pieces, not puree like jam or pressed into water like jelly. These pieces are usually a mixture of jam or jelly.

Fruit Spread

Fruit spread is jam or preserves but only fruit, no sugar. Fruit spread is loved by people who don’t like or like sweet.

Marmalade is a new type of jam commonly used for citrus fruits (such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, Kumquat / kumquat …) in which fruits and skins are cooked thoroughly with sugar into jam without the need for use pectin.

* Pectin: Pectin is a gel-forming substance to make the dish a natural consistency without breaking the texture and non-toxic to human health. Pectin is often used to make jams with a consistency but still retains the natural substance in fruits and sugars.

Berrino jam filling is jam jam commonly used to make jam in the filling of cakes or used to make baked goods. Berrino filling jam has many diverse flavors such as:

  • Strawberry filling (Strawberry filling)
  • Blueberry filling (Blueberry filling)
  • Blackcurrant filling (Blackcurrant filling)
  • Pineapple filling (Pineapple filling)Kiwi filling jam (kiwi filling)
  • Peach Filling (Peach Filling)
  • Passion Filling (Passion Filling)
  • Orange Filling Jam
  • Raspberry filling (Raspberry filling)
  • Mulberry Jam (Blackberry Filling)

Berrino topping jam, meanwhile, is a jelly jelly used to coat and decorate cakes with a mild sweetness. Berrino topping jam has many different flavors such as:

  • Orange Topping (Orange Topping)
  • Strawberry topping
  • Pineapple topping
  • Kiwi jam (Kiwi topping)
  • Blueberry topping (Blueberry topping)
  • Passion topping

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